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Forged Advertising is a veteran-owned, premium digital and static mobile billboard company. We are committed to providing the highest level of advertising service to our customers.

Forged Advertising has two variations of mobile advertising.

Forged Advertising is the most innovative and cost-effective way to advertise your product or service. Studies have shown that 94% of consumers remembered the mobile billboards, while only 43% recalled the static billboards you see along roadways.

High Traffic Advertising

Digital Mobile Truck (LED Truck) Ad Campaigns Average Rates $800 – $1800 Per day/ Per Truck (8 hour Day). All rates are customizable to meet you advertising needs.

Static Mobile Billboard Truck Ad Campaign Average Rates $500 – $1000 Per day / Per Truck (8 hour day). Billboard Print Cost 1 Set (2 Panels) -$750. All rates are customizable to meet your advertising needs.

About Forged Advertising

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